Cast of Characters

Names Randomly generated with
Initial 12 are in italics.
Photo: Vandalia Luster Chapel, County Roads 1200N & 1175E, Vandalia, IL 62471. 
Antioch Chapel – (Open country rural; pastored by a lay speaker.)
B Bob Sherman: SJ Management Blue Hat – Subject? Thinking? Goal? Big picture?
C Carla Chase: NF Emotions Red Hat– intuitive, instinctive, emotional feeling
E Eden Sherman: SJ Navy formal shoes: Routines and formal procedures
F Faith Kelley
David Logan, a consultant
Dinah Hughes, a District Superintendent
Grace Church – “the dreaded topic: thinking about our future” – urban blue collar church.
H Hiram Sanders
I Ira Foster
J Jack Bennett: SJ Discernment Black Hat – logic, caution, problems, conservative, practical, realistic.
K Kieran Rose (Kierce): NT Optimistic response Yellow Hat – logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony. Sees the brighter, sunny side of situations.
L Libby Emmett: NT Creativity Green Hat – statements of provocation and investigation, seeing where a thought goes. Thinks creatively, outside the box.
M Magdalene Sanders (Leena)
New Hope Church – (formerly part of three-point charge, now alone)
O Obadiah Wilson
P Phoebe Sage: SP – Orange gumboots: Danger and emergency. Emergency action is required. Safety is a prime concern
Q Quick Gardner: SP – Brown brogues: Involves practically and pragmatism. Do what is sensible and what is practical. Figure it out as you go using initiative, practical behavior, and flexibility. Almost the opposite of the formality navy formal shoes.
R Rachel Gardner: NF – Pink slippers: Suggest care, compassion, and attention to human feelings and sensitivities.
S Shelby Daniels
Trinity Charge (Trinity, Prairie Temple, Chapel Grove); “the dreaded topic: thinking about our future” – (Three-point rural charge.)
U Uriah Cortez
V Vera Mitchell: SJ – Purple riding boots: Suggest authority. Playing out the role give by virtue of a position or authority. There is an element of leadership and command. The person is not acting in his or her own capacity but in an official role.
W Winnifred Kennedy: SJ Information White Hat – What are the facts?
X Xavier Hughes
Y Ysabella Cortez: SP – Grey sneakers: Exploration, investigation, and collection of evidence. Purpose of the action is to get information. Also, sees information challenges.
Z Zarah Clarke