DiscipleWalk: Resources by Others

DiscipleWalk: Resources by Others

These materials are written by others and are made available here with their gracious permission or by link to their original location on the Internet. All rights are reserved and all materials remain the property of their authors. Disciplewalk.com deeply appreciates each author’s permission to share his or her work here.

Arvind Singhal:  Introducing Professor Everett M. Rogers
Arvind Singhal:  Dissemination versus Dialogue: A False Dichotomy
Marianne S. Hornor:  Diffusion of Innovation Theory
Ralph W. Neighbour:  A Study In Contrasts (between Traditional and New Testament Churches)
Ralph F. Wilson: The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing
Resources on Organic/Simple Churches
Link to video presentation by Neil Cole on Life Transformation Groups
Article:  “Jesus With An Iced Latte” by Steve Lawson, Charisma, April 2004. (About Neil Cole)
Josh Hunt “Give Friday Nights To Jesus”


This post, and others in this series, are based on David Oliver Kueker’s 2007 Fuller Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry project, Diagnosis, Dialogue, and Decision: A Threefold Process of Revitalization for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. This information has been moved from the author’s website at DiscipleWalk.com to blog post form here at AmbidextrousChurch.com.

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