What is the mental model of the Journal 2/5/20?

Journal 2/5/20

I was able to pair the Logitech keyboard.

The concept in the night was that I simply need to tie my research into the developing the process/program, and then run the program.

CHURCH – Orientation to Pastoral Work
PA: Circles + Listening =
S..R: Sermon + Blog =
TO: Mark Forster + GTD Sorting = Flywheel
DM: Circles (Prayer Tool) + Discipleship System (FISH) = Ambidextrous Church.

HEALTH – Reality Disciplines
Fasting: Fung + 3 fast days – sweeteners =
Exercise: Weights daily.
Examen – repent: daily tracking + WOOP
Sleep: Set bedtime, 8 hrs in bed, no phone.

ARCHITECT OF IDEAS … WRITING … actually Clifton Strengths.
Devotions – 1 Tomato
Reading – 2 Tomatoes
Writing – 3 Tomatoes … 90-90-1 – The 1thing = Writing.

MARRIAGE- Reality Disciplines
Practice a gentle Norwood self focus with loving detachment.
C = Clean Routines

PRODUCTIVITY STEWARD (Thumb) – Reality Disciplines
Research the program.
Rewrite the program
Run the program
Revise the program (debug)

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