NACOS 4.8 – Sermon 05/31/20: Coping with COVID in the context of PTSD

NACOS 4.8 – Sermon 05/31/20: Coping with COVID in the context of PTSD

Topic #2: Addressing patterns of grief, stress and anxiety in congregations after a tragedy through “Worship as Pastoral Care.” Here is the third of three sermons to provide “worship as pastoral care” to help my congregation in crisis.

4.8 – Sermon 05/31/20: What Do You Need … To Believe? (Pentecost)
(Coping with COVID in the context of PTSD)
Liturgy & Transcript:
Look within for links to Sermon audio … Sermon slides as a PDF file.

Personal reflection:
What in this sermon was helpful to you?
What was the human need or problem addressed in the message?
What was the solution suggested in the message?

The goal of this learning exercise is not to analyze the content of the sermon but to experience it and consider how you can use experiences from your own personal life or culture to help others respond in times of crisis in a helpful and healthy manner.

ASSIGNMENT QUESTION: (in the comments on Facebook)
What resources from your personal experiences, what you have read, or from your culture – stories, traditions, rituals – would be helpful to your congregation in …

Remaining nonanxious in a time of crisis.
Facing the reality of the loss? Living honestly in that new reality?
Dealing with the symptoms of PTSD?

(Note: PTSD is a technical, diagnostic term used by therapists in a very specific way to identify very specific emotional trauma. My use of the term in this message is in a nonprofessional, “laity level understanding” which may have little resemblance to how a psychological professional would define the term. For a professional definition of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) DSM-5 309.81 (F43.10), see–5-309.81-(f43.10)#:~:text=10),-DSM%2D5%20Category .)

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