NACOS #1.02 – Syllabus (11/2/20) David Kueker

Native American Course of Study (NACOS) – Congregational Care 323


Sunday Dec 13 1-5pm   

David O Kueker – Recognizing Patterns in Congregational Life Regarding Grief, Change, Conflict and COVID. This session will cover three topics related to how congregations respond to anxiety, tragedy, grief, change and conflict. We’ll spend about an hour on each on 12/13. 

Topic #1: Recognizing patterns of grief in congregations and cultures after a tragedy.

(Utilizing William Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning.) Grief is defined as an adaptation to unwanted change.

Download: Tasks of Grief, Suicide Prevention Program.

Here are three sermons to provide “worship as pastoral care” to help my congregation in crisis.

Sermon 04/19/20: It’s Only Friday … (my personal experience with COVID)
Liturgy & Transcript …  Sermon audio … Sermon slides as a PDF file.

– Sermon 05/24/20: Fear and Grief and Faith (Eastertide V) 
(This sermon refers to Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning)
Liturgy & Transcript …  Sermon audio … Sermon slides as a PDF file.

– PTSD: Sermon 05/31/20: What Do You Need … To Believe? (Pentecost)
Liturgy & Transcript …  Sermon audio … Sermon slides as a PDF file.

Topic #2. Recognizing patterns of conflict and anxiety in congregations.

(Utilizing Family systems concepts, Reinforcing vs. Balancing Loops)

Topic #3. Recognizing patterns of congregational segmentation in response to change. 

(Utilizing The Diffusion of Innovations adopter framework.)

Visual parables:

The Stainless Steel Church:

The Light Bulb:

Anything additional to be read will be posted for discussion (in comments) on our course Facebook page the week before we meet. (You will also be able to download all of this material as a Word document for reference.)

Homework: Please write 1-2 single spaced pages to briefly answer these three questions:

1. Utilizing the terminology of William Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning, name 4 persons you know that are an example of one of the Four Tasks of Mourning. What are they experiencing in their struggle? How could you be helpful as a pastor?

2. Utilizing the terminology of reinforcing & balancing loops and congregational anxiety, how is your congregation coping with the loss of control and the “way we have always done it before” with the unwanted change that is the Coronavirus? How could you be helpful as a pastor to your congregational leadership?
3. Utilizing the terminology of the Diffusion of Innovations, reflect on how your Conference is attempting to encourage the adoption of new innovations in worship to keep people safe? Which adopter group is in charge at the Conference level? Which adopter group is running the local church? How is this adoption/adjustment working or not working? How could you be helpful as a pastor?

Please send back within four days to Michelle and David.

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