OPW Fleece Decision & others.

OPW Fleece Decision & others.
(I was asked to teach the OPW class again 5/27/20)

IF I am asked to teach the OPW class again, I will …
1. Refine it as a book in Scrivener and publish it to Kindle.
2. I will process it by participating in the Akimbo community of practice.
3. I will design an online course and/or community of practice for people to learn OPW.
4. If I do the course it will be self taught with moments of my involvement … aka Robert Glover and Q&A … not constant supervision as I did with DM101 where I wrote the same thing thousands of times.

IF I am NOT ASKED to teach the OPW class again, I will park it with Finishing Steps.

1. Put what I have on the blog in quotes.
2. Do no additional reading or research.
3. Plan no extension into new areas.
4. Develop no new material.
5. Plan zero marketing. No fantasies.
6. Set up quotes as QNQS.
7. Comment with my own needs in mind.
8. Do what is necessary with each one.
9. Keep it simple and clear. Elementary.
10. Invest no more than one month on this task.

I will process the following with FINISHING STEPS or just simply delete:
1. Fung Fasting … reduce to my benefit.
2. Review old categories and projects.

I WILL PRAY AND PONDER THE DISPOSITION OF … Closure FINISHING steps or Kindle book, community of practice, online course.

1. Dissertation
2. Cell Church Class
3. DM101… Kindle book, community of practice, online course.
4. Circles of Grace trilogy novels.

I will pay attention to my own needs.
I will develop methods to solve MY problems
I will pay attention to what draws my attention … to my interest and curiosity.
I will formulate visions which excite me.
I will create draw goals to pull me toward vision.

Writing plans:
NO myth of sisyphean effort.
No Endless rewriting.
No writing without value and pleasure.

Communities of practice may be the answer for implementation of what I’m trying to communicate.

Despite it being the topic of the dissertation, I still have no clue as to how to implement the dissertation in a specific type of church, which is the declining small town or rural congregation. I need to test what I’ve done to see if it’s worth developing this as a specific outcome.
So … one more read through?
Invest no more than one month on this.
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