Fantastic Fantasies

Fantastic Fantasies

What I actually want to do is to create a method, a recipe, handed over to the right people and then walk away to do something else. I do not want to constantly nag people to do the work or follow through or even to follow the instructions.

Next question: have I done that?
How close am I to doing that?
Shall I bother to do that?
… especially if the focus on what I’m doing is to benefit myself, as once I’ve done the research why do I need to write it up if I’m the only one who’s going to read it and use it?

1. Dissertation online with cell course materials.

2. DiscipleMaking101 online, step by step.

– Vindication of “left handed” concepts
– 1000 churches – G12BC
– 10,000 Disciple Makers
– 100,000 new disciples
– Blog downloads – content delivered
– Online courses Disciple Making 101
– Circles of Grace trilogy BSB1000 copies/mo
– Small rural church overcomes megachurch

– A1c normal
– Morning blood sugar <140
– Weight < 250
– Muscular, flexible, free of pain
– Testosterone, libido, high; erections hard.
– Sleep deeply, both benchmarks, avg 8 hrs
– Medical numbers for man half my age

– BSB … Bestselling book.
– BwR … busy blog with readers
– OC … busy online courses
– Model: Dr Robert Glover
– design the program, write, run, then debug.
– non- Sisypfus … not starting over repeatedly.



1. CLEARLY: NOT SYSYPHUS … unending task. MAJOR LESSON of Resistance.
Git r done, time for fun.
Design the program, write the program, run the program. Then … only debug the program. Don’t start all over again. Don’t endlessly start new projects.

BSB = Bestselling Book
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