Unit 4.17 The main complaint about the G12 system in the USA is the need for three meetings a week


The main complaint about the system in the USA is the need for three meetings a week in the original design of the system. Time pressure always conflicts with our desire to serve Christ. Comiskey suggests a variety of ways to deal with this in his book From 12 to 3. One is to reduce the span of control from 12 to 3. Another is to do away with the individual coaching of the new disciple/cell leader by having them continue to attend the original cell; there are advantages and disadvantages to this. The G12 system also asks the new disciple to participate in schooling and two retreats, so the relationship between disciple and discipler is more relational accountability than training and instruction.

I=m not certain that three meetings a week is a problem if (1) these people are my friends with whom I would want to spend all my free time anyway and (2) if I have no other tasks to do in the church except attend worship. The G12 would certainly be a joy for extraverted people persons.

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