Unit 1.9 Greg Ogden, seven marks of authentic discipleship

What are the seven marks of authentic discipleship?[1]

Ogden reminds us that we must consider whether we are meeting the biblical standard for discipleship or practicing a superficial faith.  Do we perceive laity as proactive ministers or passive recipients/spectators? Do we live a disciplined way of life, like an athlete in training, or are we one of the 80% of adults who consider themselves born again without Aany specific,  measurable goals related to their spiritual development.@ Do we understand that Jesus is Lord of all, or believe that our faith is something only for our personal and private life? Do we understand that Jesus calls us to be a community of radical nonconformity to this world, a church without borders, or is our concept of church Aan aggregate of individuals who shop like consumers to meet their needs?@ Do we understand the church as an organism in whom Christ dwells or an Aoptional institution, unnecessary for discipleship?@ Are we prayerful, Biblically informed people or not? Are we among those who share their faith with others or are we Aintimidated people who shrink from personal witness?@ Ogden concludes, AWhat is a disciple of Jesus but one who is self-initiating, reproducing and fully devoted to him?  What seems unattainable is that there would be churches filled with disciples who do not have to be pushed, motivated and cajoled.@

[1]All concepts and quotes in this section are derived from Ogden, Transforming Discipleship, 24-37.

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