Six Factors Which Encourage Adoption

D. Six Factors Which Encourage Adoption:[1] Characteristics of an innovation are evaluated in five basic ways which help determine the rate of adoption. Adoption speeds up with a higher perception of relative advantage to benefit an individual’s economic welfare, social prestige, convenience and satisfaction. Compatibility is the perception of the innovation as consistent with the existing values, past experiences and present needs of potential adopters; incompatible innovations often require a prior adoption of a new value system, and values change slowly. Complexity is the perception that the innovation is difficult to understand and use; adoption is slowed when innovations require new skills and understandings. Trialability refers to relative ease in experimenting with the innovation with less risk than full adoption. Observability is the degree that results of innovation adoption are visible to others; this visibility stimulates peer discussions and more rapid adoption. These five qualities are the most important variables in increasing the speed and success of an innovation’s adoption. Managing the values of these five qualities increases the rate of adoption and the success of the adoption.

            Re-invention has also been shown to increase adoption when the innovation itself is able to be customized experimentally by an adopter able to experiment and modify the innovation to suit local needs; this freedom and flexibility creates experiences which expand each of the five qualities.[2] Human beings love to experiment, and flexibility for experimentation increases adoption because unforseen benefits arise from these adaptations. Innovators are very creative at reinvention, and Early Adopters excel at perfecting and fine tuning reinvention for the highest possible efficiency.

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