3.1 JOURNAL: Record your reflections and document your answers to the Questions for a Better Understanding found on page 139 with regard to this module.

3.2 NETWORK OF INFLUENCERS EXERCISE: Look for the communication structure or network within your church. Before and after church, who talks to whom? Who talks to everyone? Around whom do little groups form? Who seeks out others who might not be included?

3.3 PIE PRINT FAMILY SCORE: If evangelism is a matter of conversations, then the potential for ongoing conversation can help you identify persons who are ripe for evangelism.

            1. Review the list of persons you speak with during the week that you wrote as a part of the WHO DO YOU KNOW? Homework Assignment 2.09 from Seminar One on Diagnosis.

            2. Add to this list the names of your neighbors. If you do not know their names choose a way to describe them. (For example, “young couple with a new baby.”)

            3. Review your list and identify families you know who do not attend a church. (Those who belong but do not attend are no different from non-believers for the purpose of this exercise. A person who does not attend church does not have a living faith or a commitment to a local church.) Regular attendance for this exercise is once a month or more.

            4. Use the PIE PRINT tool below to review each name and assign points for each characteristic found within a member of that family.

PIE PRINT Tool: This tool measures a person’s openness to conversation in eight characteristics. Each characteristic is one letter of the words PIE PRINT. Each adult contributes up to eleven points toward their family score.

Two points for each:

Prayer: when you pray, this person continually comes to mind.

Interested: this person is interested in you, your hobbies, or your life.

Extrovert: this person is very outgoing and loves to talk with others.

One point for each:

Problem: this person is suffering or has a problem; non-chronic problems are best.

Routine: you encounter this person routinely, once a week or more often.

Innovator or Early Adopter: this person is creative and interested in new ideas.

            Perhaps their house is full of gadgets, art, books or they write poetry.

Neighbor: this person lives within two blocks of you.

Time on their hands: this person has free time to converse with you.

            5. Combine both the list from the WHO DO YOU KNOW exercise and your neighbors into a new list; list families in order of the total family PIE PRINT score.

            6. From this list, choose up to twelve families for prayer that they might find a life giving faith in Jesus Christ and a healthy church to attend. You are not praying for them to join your church; you are praying that God’s will be done in their life (1 Timothy 2:4). Do not invite them to attend worship at this time; prayer is more important.

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