At its heart, stewardship is really about worship.

QUOTE: At its heart, stewardship is really about worship. It is a declaration that God, and therefore God’s Church, is worthy of receiving the best we have to offer. It is about declaring, “God I really do give you my all: my life, my time, my energies, my resources all put at your disposal for your purposes.” This sort of giving then becomes a form of worship for it is not focused on the self any longer, because genuine spiritually blessed giving recognizes God as sovereign over our lives. [1]

NOTE (my response):

Beautiful thoughts, especially how giving is worship. It is.

Which leads to the darker thought that some worship the church budget. Or the institutional church. Or the designated gift that is only an expression of the giver’s personal pleasures and preferences. (Perhaps glorifying myself … “my will be done” …)

Truly, where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. But does my treasure flow toward my heart’s preferences, or do I direct my treasure as God desires and let my heart then flow toward it?

DISCERNMENT QUESTIONS: How do I surrender all of me to the pleasures and preferences of Jesus? How might that change my giving? Is my giving the last stronghold that is surrendered?


[1] Facebook friend and colleague Gene Ramsay, 9/25/2018, on his public group, Methodists Committed to Holy Conversation.

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