DM101 – Module 3.03 – The Rite of Passage

As lambs become sheep, they enter a time of adolescence. Usually there is a life changing rite of passage involved. Adolescents discover and improve their gifts while considering a life career that utilizes their talents. So do missional Christians. Adolescents remain in their nurturing families but bond with a peer group to serve together.

Reading #1: Moving into the left handed side usually involves a Rite of Passage.
People typically cross from the right hand side to the left hand side of the four cornered room because of a dramatic, life changing Rite of Passage experience which disconnects us from “the way we have always done it before” and fills us with new excitement and enthusiasm.

In a Rite of Passage, there is detachment and separation from the normal, a new set of priorities and a new peer group, characterized by a high commitment to a clear purpose. Facing hardship together creates a powerful, tight group bond. Children leave home to experience a rite of passage and return as adults ready to assume adult responsibilities in the community. The rite of passage begins when Jesus says “Follow Me” and leads us away from ordinary life.
Reflection Question: What discipleship “rites of passage” are familiar to you? Four examples:
Mission trips to foreign countries?

The Walk to Emmaus?
“No Greater Love” Mardi Gras trip?

Academy for Spiritual Formation?


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