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RESOURCES: This is one of four Reality Therapy needs that drive our behavior. It is mentioned in my handout on PSYCHOLOGICAL TOOLS FOR PERSONAL WHOLENESS, David O. Kueker, Kinmundy/Wesley United Methodist Church in the section entitled 1. THE WAY DOWN.

These three books form the basis of my understanding: Reality Therapy: A New Approach to Psychiatry by William Glasser, MD. Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom by William Glasser, MD. Using Reality Therapy  by Robert E. Wubbolding.

There are four universal human needs as identified by Reality Therapy which form an understanding of where we want to be: Belonging, Power (control; having things our way), Fun and Freedom (not controlled by others).

ABOUT THIS CATEGORY: This category is an ongoing conversation on ideas from books that have blessed me over my long life; new information will be added to posts from time to time, including quotes either from the book or from other’s commends on that book. It’s a personal list and of great variety. I recommend these books because I’ve found them useful, interesting, or fun, or combinations of all three. This blog has no economic benefit if you buy these books, and we are part of no affiliate program that would bring an economic benefit. The recommendation here is a way of saying Thank You to the authors and publishers that have made them available.

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