DISCIPLE MAKING 101: An Advanced Course for Lay Servants

DISCIPLE MAKING 101: An Advanced Course for Lay Servants

What is the simplest system one can use to make disciples and mature them spiritually to the point where they can make their own disciples? A flood of new ideas and methods in evangelism has made us skeptical. The innovation that is needed in churches today is far more elementary yet entirely sufficient: Jesus is Lord. How can we overcome resistance to this innovation?

My goal is to develop the material from my online course into an advanced lay servant class for publication through Cokesbury. I hope to gain approval of our conference Committee on Lay Servants to teach classes in the fall of 2016. The Advanced Lay Servant class will consist of 5 two hour modules:

1. Wesley’s Cycle: Prevenient Grace, Justifying Grace, Sanctifying Grace.
– Your own experience. Identifying spiritual mentors. Identifying your experience of growth in discipleship.

2. The Four Cornered Room. Right hand: Fellowship and Interest. Diagnosis.
– Your local church setting

3. The Four Cornered Room. Left hand: Mission and Disciple Making.
Tuning up the Four Cornered Room.
Opening side doors.
Identifying opportunities.
How Others Do It

4. The Prayer Tool
Understanding the Harvest
Identifying Your Network
Working with your 12

5. Integrating The Discipleship System.
System maintainers = friends. John 15.
Differentiation of an entire church. Diffusion of Innovations.

Shepherds don’t make sheep; sheep make sheep.
Buildings don’t make sheep; sheep make sheep.
Worship services don’t make sheep; sheep make sheep.
Changing the church doesn’t make sheep; sheep make sheep.
Sheep happen when sheep make sheep. Turn the sheep loose!!!
Stop trying to fix the institution to make disciples.
Stop trying to fix worship to make disciples.
Stop trying to fix the denomination to make disciples.
Start trying to make disciples the way Jesus did.
Because … Sheep make sheep!

The Goal of Generations: Disciples who make disciples who make disciples. 2 Tim 2:2

Resources at www.disciplewalk.com:

The entire Dmin project, and particularly The Discipleship System of the Yoido church. Chapter 2, Seminar 1 & 3.

Article: A New Way of Making Disciples: Using the Left Hand

– Ambidextrous: left hand + right hand church – www.ambidextrouschurch.com

The Online Class: www.beadisciple.com (On hiatus)
The Book: Disciple Making 101: A Workbook. https://www.createspace.com/3434819

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