Discipline vs. the great time waster.


Besides, folks like me have a tool set that seems to elude most people these days:


We’re disciplined about focusing on our priorities and shutting out the noise. We always do what needs to be done, but for everything else, we have a saying: “Tomorrow’s another day.”

Now, let’s talk about the real time wasters in our lives: social media and personal blogging. The vast majority of time we spend on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is wasted. So is the time we spend blogging and reading all that useless user-generated online content. So are the hours of watching 200 cable channels and YouTube videos, playing with our game consoles and smartphone apps, and shopping for all the stuff everyone thinks they have to own these days.

Americans now spend an average of five hours a day online plus five hours a day watching TV. If you want to be far more successful than the average American, you simply can’t get away with that. If you want to make it big in this world, you’re going to have to be disciplined about focusing on your priorities.

For every successful entrepreneur and executive I know, work comes first. It’s what they live for. Granted, they don’t work all the time, but they never think about work-life balance because they know what their goals and priorities are, and they know what they have to do and what they have to sacrifice to achieve them.

Notes: I’ve put some of the words into bold italic print above. They are chilling, when one is a blogger or attempting to be. There is a fine line between sharing your opinion – who cares, really? – and sharing something that is truly valuable.

At the very least, I can question what I put up here. Is it trivial or is it valuable, at least to me? Haas what I’m sharing been helpful to me as I’ve put it into practice? Can I recommend it to others based on my experience? I’m hopeful to not add to the mountains of “useless user-generated online content.”

At the next level, I can give some premeditation to share is shared online, so that it targets a genuine human problem with genuine empathy and provides genuine solutions which will help to resolve the problem. In order to do this, I will utilize the tools that Steve Tobak recommends:  Priorities, Focus and Discipline.

Source: Steve Tobak, The 3 Tools You Need to Get Your Work Done So You Have Time For a Life,  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/250850

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