SEP 2015 – good books & resources

SEP – Annotated Bibliography. Make a stack of 30 authors. Multiple books same author per day.
Book report format. What do we want to know?
1 Abuse: Stosney, Ruth Cohen
2 Blanchard & Johnson
3 Breakup Books: Uncoupling, Kingma,
4 Brown, Brene
5 Burns, David
6 Cameron, Julie
7 Canfield, Jack
8 Cell: Yongii Cho, Comiskey, Cole, Neil, Bob Logan
9 Church History, Methodist History
10 Codependency: Norwood, Beattie, Pia Mellody
11 Collins, Jim
12 Covey, Stephen
13 Diffusion of Innovations
14 Drucker, Peter
15 Effective Church: Josh Hunt, Greg Ogden, Cloud-Townsend, Scott McKnight, David Hansen, Mike Slaughter, Rick Warren, Thom Rainer, Ed Stetzer
16 Emmaus Books
17 Family Systems: Steinke, Gilbert, Friedman
18 Goldratt, Eliyahu
19 Goulston, Mark
20 G TD David Allen, Alan Lakein, Tracy, Brian, Leo Babauta
21 Healing: Benson, Siegel
22 Heath, Chip and Dan
23 Marriage: Hendrix, Schnarch, David, Gottman, John, Michelle Weiner Davis
24 Missional: Hirsch, Alan & Deb
25 Myers Briggs: Koreger, Tieger, Kiersey
26 Peck, M Scott
27 Robbins, Tony
28 Sher, Barbara
29 Stark, Rodney
30 Wesley Biographies
31 Women self help: Anne Lamott, Gretchen Rubin

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