QUOTE: Mr. Wesley told Adam Clarke that when he was a child, and was asked to have fruit or anything else between meals, he would quietly reply, “I thank you. I will think of it.” The fact is that Mrs. Wesley did not allow her children to take anything between meals, and John was so well trained that he made this discreet answer. He would never do anything till he considered it well. This habit often gave him some appearance of hesitation. His father once said to Mrs. Wesley, “I profess, sweetheart, I think our Jack would not attend to the most pressing necessities of nature unless he could give a reason for it.” * He told John himself; “Child, you think to carry everything by dint of argument; but you will find how very little is ever done in the world by close reason.” “Very little indeed,” is Mr. Wesley’s comment.

NOTE: Mom not drinking during meals.



The quote above is from The Life of John Wesley by John Telford – Chapter 2, CHILDHOOD AT EPWORTH and is found at http://wesley.nnu.edu/?id=84. Copyright © 1993-2011. Wesley Center for Applied Theology, c/o Northwest Nazarene University. All Rights Reserved.

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