The One Minute Minister: Book 3.08 – Prayerwork

BOOK THREE – Angel’s Story


from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management

⌚ 3.8

“What’s a Time Inventory?”

“A Time Inventory is a very powerful time management tool described by Peter Drucker.[1] It’s very simple. An inventory is a written list of resources; a time inventory is nothing more than recording what you do all day, item by item at the time you did it.”

“Logging your time like an attorney does for billing?” the minister asked.

“Yes. As the data piles up, patterns begin to emerge and you get clarity about what you are doing. Most of the time when this technique is used, people predict where there time is going; the time inventory proves their predictions to be highly inaccurate.”

“So people don’t know where their time is going?”

“No, not compared with the accuracy provided by the time inventory, which leads to a greater benefit. It gets harder and harder to be in denial about what you are doing. You see when you are in control of your life and where your life has become unmanageable, as described in the 12 steps.”

[1]Peter F. Drucker, The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done.



⌚ 3.8

The Time Inventory: Nothing provides greater clarity for our lives than writing down hour by hour what we do each week. By capturing what we do in our journal, we get clarity about what we’re doing as opposed to what we intended to do. Try this experiment for 4 weeks.

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