Carder, Chapter 9 Overview: Church: A Called and Committed People



How would you summarize the information in this chapter in one or more sentences?

What statement by Bishop Carder really spoke to your mind or heart as very important for us to understand and remember?


This discussion is on a chapter from Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way, by Kenneth Carder (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 2009). This book is available from, and other sources.


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2 Responses to Carder, Chapter 9 Overview: Church: A Called and Committed People

  1. Camille McCaskill says:

    1. This chapter addresses understanding the meaning of the church as an extension of God in the world – universal, God’s ministry, hope, grace. We are called to manifest the church by showing others the presence and purpose of God in our own lives.

    2. “United Methodism is one manifestation of the universal church. Within the broader church, Methodists offer at least three distinctive ecclesial emphases – connectionalism, itineracy, and catholicity,” (p. 130)

  2. George Newton says:

    Discussion Questions:
    1. The church is called to be a light to a dark world filled with sin. The church offers hope to a broken world as “the instrument” of God to embody His presence here on earth.
    2. “Without a memory of what a church is called to be it becomes what people want it to be…….a voluntary organization….We are not homesteaders…” It is important to remember where our true home is as members of God’s universal church and our responsibilities as citizens of His kingdom.

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