Carder, Chapter 3 Overview: The God Whose Life We Share



How would you summarize the information in this chapter in one or more sentences?

What statement by Bishop Carder really spoke to your mind or heart as very important for us to understand and remember?


This discussion is on a chapter from Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way, by Kenneth Carder (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 2009). This book is available from, and other sources.


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3 Responses to Carder, Chapter 3 Overview: The God Whose Life We Share

  1. Stephen Whitlock says:

    1. Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) “who feels the pain and anguish of the world and it’s people……..vunerabilty to suffering, grief, and anguish.” God is involved!
    2.”Only the suffering God can help.”

  2. George Newton says:

    Discussion Questions:
    1. God’s relationship is so intimate with us that he shares in all our sufferings. He is the God for us, the God with us and the God before us.
    2. “Doubt is sometimes the most honest and authentic affirmation of faith.” Without doubt there is only blind faith that separates us further from our relationship with God.

  3. Lori Nimke says:

    1. Our God as Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As we ask the question, “where is God?” John Wesley stated prior to his death, “The best of all, God is with us.”

    2. “What is God doing? God is sharing the suffering, grief, anguish, and death of the world-and working to overcome it. God as the Holy Spirit is working to bring healing, reconciliation, and wholeness to all creation, …now scarred and wounded by human sin and continuing chaos.”

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