Carder, Chapter 10 Overview: Doctrinal Faithfulness and Continuing Exploration



How would you summarize the information in this chapter in one or more sentences?

What statement by Bishop Carder really spoke to your mind or heart as very important for us to understand and remember?


This discussion is on a chapter from Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way, by Kenneth Carder (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 2009). This book is available from, and other sources.


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3 Responses to Carder, Chapter 10 Overview: Doctrinal Faithfulness and Continuing Exploration

  1. Stephen Whitlock says:

    The tools to grow in doctrine are scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. Each is a tool from God to reflect and explore, as God leads you.
    2. The God of present, past, and future is capable of helping us at all times.

  2. George Newton says:

    Discussion Questions:
    1. Growing in faith and in “understanding God and exploring God’s nature and purpose” requires using the resources (tools) affirmed by the United Methodist Church. Our journey in faith is one of hope with God there to sustain us.
    2. …”participating in the divine mission requires an unending effort to discern God’s vision and a willingness to follow Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit into new arenas of service.” By participating in the divine mission with “an unending effort” will be the light to an ever changing world.

  3. Camille McCaskill says:

    1. We are challenged to commit ourselves to lifelong learning to know, affirm and understand God’s purpose and reflect Christ in a changing world with different service needs and emphases. Methodists are assisted on the journey by scripture, tradition, experience and reason.

    2. “The God whom we follow into the future is present to guide, sustain, and shape us as individuals and as a church.” (p. 145)

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