Posting for the Lay Servant course, "Living Our United Methodist Beliefs"

Class, you have the opportunity to comment on each post on the blog related to our advanced lay servant course, “Living Our United Methodist Beliefs” which is based on the book by retired Bishop Ken Carder entitled Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way.

We will be discussing this book chapter by chapter, and I’ll be revising the original posts based on your comments to improve their quality. Each post will contain information and discussion questions.

From time to time I will number paragraphs … something Wesley would often do, and which allows easy reference to a particular point.  There will be several posts for each chapter, dealing with major themes.  Each post will be numbered by the chapter #, followed by the point #, preceded by the post #.  1.2.3 means chapter 1, post 2, followed by point 3 in that post.  When you are commenting, it will be easy to refer to these.

Bishop Carder frequently quotes the Book of Discipline or John Wesley.  I’m starting with his quotes from his book. Over time, his quotes will be replaced by the public domain quotes so as to reduce any copyright concerns.

In time, I’m hopeful that these posts, combining information and discussion questions, will be useful for you to print and copy for use in Sunday School classes and small groups.

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