Carder, Goal #3 – Discussion: the history of the UMC and other Methodist denominations.

GENERAL COURSE GOALS – By the end of the course each participant will:

3. Acquire knowledge of Methodist history and the formation of other Methodist denominations.

What questions or comments do you have about this goal?

Questions related to this goal:

– What are the key points of the history of Methodism in England?

– What are the key points of Methodism in the USA?

– What is the historical importance of the First Great Awakening (1730s and 1740s), the the Second Great Awakening from 1790 to 1840 and the Third Great Awakening from 1858 to 1908?

– What happened in Methodist history in 1828, and why? What happened in 1844, and why? What happened in 1939 and 1968?

– What other denominations came out of the Methodist movement since Wesley’s Aldersgate experience in 1738?

– Did some of those that left ever return to become a part of Methodism again? (Answer: there are five!)


This is one of the course goals from the Leader’s manual, Living Our United Methodist Beliefs by George Hovaness Donigian, published by Discipleship Resources in 2011. Feel free to comment on this goal as your understanding develops through the course.

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