The One Minute Minister: Book 2.3 – Show Him the Money

Book 2.3 -Show Him the Money
from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management

⌚ 2.3

            As the One Minute Minister sat down at their table, Bill took an index card out of a shirt pocket filled with them. “Would you mind sharing with us how we can be in contact with you . . . name, address, phone, email, etc.?”
            As he wrote his information down on the card he listened while they chatted with one another. An interesting thing happened when he slid the card across the table. Angel got a bound record book out of her purse and made a note of his information, while the One Minute Minister dictated his information into his cell phone. Frank already had the information in his day planner.
            “I’ve known of you for many years,” the One Minute Minister said to him, “but I’m glad to finally meet you.” Upon seeing the look in his face, the One Minute Minister explained, “Oh, we’ve shook hands and passed the time at denominational meetings, but that’s a far cry from sitting at this table tonight. That’s pseudocommunity, the imitation of the real thing; hopefully, here we strive for the real thing. No one sits at this table, including me, if they don’t at one time or another need real help. I needed it once, and I received it, and now I’m a One Minute Minister and I’m trying to return the favor.”
            “What is the ‘one minute’ thing?”
            “Things go wrong one minute at a time. And it only takes a minute to start to turn them right again. Consider a jet airliner flying from New York to Los Angeles. It will constantly drift off course in its journey. It takes less than a minute, however, to get it back on course. Every minute between course corrections puts it farther and farther away from the quickest path to the true destination. I’m a One Minute Minister because I frequently take a minute to get back on course in my life.”
            “I don’t think I have a problem staying on course; my problem feels like I’ve forgotten where I’m going. I’m no longer sure what is off course and on course.”
            “That’s a common problem,” said the One Minute Minister. “But it’s a deceptive one. The wandering you’ve just described to me is the situation of a pilot who is either lost or who is confused as to which destination is best. The minute you choose a destination, you are not lost; you are only on course or off course.”
            “I think I understand what you are saying.”


⌚ 2.3

Do you feel on course or off course today? 
Do you feel lost and without direction? 
Can you identify your destination?  
Can you identify the stages of the journey on your way to that destination?
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