The One Minute Minister: Book 1.4 – The Problem

Book 1.4 – The Problem
from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management

⌚ 1.4

            Frank changed the subject. “You know I attend First Church here. Several years ago our minister started talking about this subject and has changed a lot of his working habits as a result. I would like to invite you to a meeting this Wednesday night to meet with him and talk about it.”
            First Church in Capitol City had steadily grown over the past 20 years under Frank’s minister, and significantly in the past few years. It had gone from being a church a little larger than the one the minister had now to the largest church in their denomination in the state. There was a lot of envy and criticism among the other ministers about that, but a lot of curiosity as well. Certainly if anyone knew how to deal with being overwhelmed, it would be the minister of First Church, Capitol City.
            “Let me get my calendar.” Frank heard the shuffling of pages. “I have a meeting this Wednesday evening. Perhaps he would meet with me during the day.”
            Frank laughed. “I don’t think he would; I’m sure he’d tell you to come Wednesday night. Tell me about your Wednesday night meeting. Are you chairing a committee?”
            “No, it’s one of our women’s circles. I like to make as many of their meetings as I can to keep in touch.”
            “So your presence is appreciated but not truly necessary?”
            “When you put it that way, I guess you would say that it’s not necessary.”
            “So you will have to decide which is the best use of your time: learning about a new way to work and live, or perpetuating your old ways.”
            “When you put it that way, I guess I will see you Wednesday.”
            Frank gave him the details of where they would meet next Wednesday and that he would send him a copy of a test he was using to help identify burnout. “Would you like a tip that would increase the value of your experience?”
            “Come a couple of hours early, grab some food and take it to a park. Use the time to stroll, relax, think about your situation. Sit on a bench and don’t move for a while. Give yourself an hour to think. Then come to the meeting.”
            “That makes no sense at all.”
            “Just try it. Give yourself an hour to think.”
            “OK, OK! I promise!” the minister said, laughing, as he disconnected. Frank was pushy, but he could tell that Frank really cared about him.


⌚ 1.4

Do you have a busy calendar? What do you use to keep track of time and appointments now?
What could you put off till tomorrow in order to begin a new life?
What would be the best thing to postpone today in order to begin a new life? 
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