But I'm Not Ambidextrous!

      Probably when many of us hear the concept of ambidextrous church, we snap our heads and think, “but I’m not ambidextrous! This can’t possibly work!” This undoubtedly comes from our cultures constant push that we must be prolific at everything. When it comes to Christ-followers, we have accepted this push. We MUST be able to exercise every gift. But if we’re honest, we’re not gifted in every area. Sure, there are some among us that are ambidextrous when it comes to disciple-making, but that’s simply not the majority.

If you are ambidextrous, I’ll post something for you at a later date! If you scratch your head at the concept of being ambidextrous because you know that you simply can’t do both, keep reading.

I’m a pastor. I happen to be fairly ambidextrous when it comes to this topic. I’m absolutely not ambidextrous when it comes to writing or athletics. One of the things that has become a left-handed ministry for me is coaching.

It’s actually quite fun. I get paid actual money to coach a group of junior high boys in scholastic baseball. One of the great joys of choosing which players will be on the “A” squad is evaluating how they will contribute to the overall team. I need balance when putting together the “A” squad. I need a balance of pitchers and fielders. I need a balance of hitters and base runners. I need a balance of RIGHTIES and LEFTIES. I need an assistant coach who is fluent in the baseball skills that I lack in. I’m not going to bring a right-handed pitcher to face the opposing teams best left-handed hitter. I’m going to challenge him a bit more and bring in my best southpaw.

What I’m getting at in this short post is that if you think that you’re more gifted toward left-handed or right-handed disciple making, IT’S OKAY! The Church needs persons of both orientations as well as those who are ambidextrous naturally. Disciple making is a team sport. We need to build missional teams within the Body of Christ which are naturally ambidextrous; composed of left handed folks who do ministry best outside the four walls of the church, and of right handed persons who function well within the programmed structure of the local church.

If you’re not ambidextrous, it’s okay. How can you use your specific giftedness to benefit the whole team?

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