What is the mental model of the Journal 2/5/20?

Journal 2/5/20

I was able to pair the Logitech keyboard.

The concept in the night was that I simply need to tie my research into the developing the process/program, and then run the program.

CHURCH – Orientation to Pastoral Work
PA: Circles + Listening =
S..R: Sermon + Blog =
TO: Mark Forster + GTD Sorting = Flywheel
DM: Circles (Prayer Tool) + Discipleship System (FISH) = Ambidextrous Church.

HEALTH – Reality Disciplines
Fasting: Fung + 3 fast days – sweeteners =
Exercise: Weights daily.
Examen – repent: daily tracking + WOOP
Sleep: Set bedtime, 8 hrs in bed, no phone.

ARCHITECT OF IDEAS … WRITING … actually Clifton Strengths.
Devotions – 1 Tomato
Reading – 2 Tomatoes
Writing – 3 Tomatoes … 90-90-1 – The 1thing = Writing.

MARRIAGE- Reality Disciplines
Practice a gentle Norwood self focus with loving detachment.
C = Clean Routines

PRODUCTIVITY STEWARD (Thumb) – Reality Disciplines
Research the program.
Rewrite the program
Run the program
Revise the program (debug)

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SHALOM Questions

SHALOM Questions:

S: What are the problems? How to solve them?

H: What are the opportunities for harvest?

Achieve goals: What are the goals? The next steps?

Love those who love me … how? When?

Organize my life with Questions;
What are the questions for change?

What is the daily path to follow for CHURCH
created by God for me to walk?
– PA System
– S..R System
– TO System

What is the daily path to follow for HEALTH
created by God for me to walk?
– Intentional Bedtime: 10
– Incremental Exercise: Wts, walk, elliptical
– Inexorable Examen 9.30
– Intermittent Fasting. WOE rules.
– Interrupted Stress – no reactivity.

What is the daily path to follow for WRITING
created by God for me to walk?
– 321 Tomatoes invested per day. Block out.
– 3 Hemingway. Blog or Scrivener.
– 2 Reading. Input on my problems.
– 1 Devotions. Plan with God.

What is the daily path to follow for MRS
created by God for me to walk?
– connect with Kim. EROS.
– DACHA tracked and reinforced.
– D+RAGcO tracked and reinforced.
– Rehearse love making. Preserve function.
– Hope: open, honest communication.

What is the daily path to follow for PRODUCTIVITY STEWARD created by God for me to walk?
4 Rs: Research, Report, Revise, Run program
Any problem is part of a system; debug it.

Truth: I have nothing to obey until I have a path; I have no obstacles to WOOP.

Manage my life with systems: What needs adjustment to run well?

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What is the CHURCH: PA Subroutine?

PA Subroutine
Open Evernote PA Notebook
(Use Onenote instead?)
Pray for Neighborhoods

Identify “P” crisis families
Pray & Update Prayer Notes/tag/circles
Make prayer calls; update notes
Add deferred contacts to Todoist schedule.

First knowledge: add task to People project Todoist

Pray & Update Attention List
Mark attendance participation
Update contact information
Correspondence (phone calls preferred)

Natural planning model:
Defining purpose and principles.
The “keeping in touch” part of the job.
“No church member left behind” … be aware.

Outcome visioning.
Track my involvement with Todoist.
Record information in Onenote.

Implement OPW 4?


Identifying next actions

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What is Listening prayer 5.6-7.20?

Listening prayer 5.6-7.20.

Check list for people to contact. Prayer tool.

List of mentee people to contact.

Places: Jesus was in Mary and Martha’s home multiple times, but that was secondary, a consequence to the relationship.

Books I buy need to be read within 30 days. No more purchase without purpose.

No more FB Corrections. Too much time on Facebook addressing fake news.

PA phoned, visited, meetings, studies

1 sermon with slides, preached, transcribed, posted, emailed and mailed.
FB Devotions and Promotions

To Do list, organize/equip the saints

ED – making disciples

——————— Friday 5/8/20

What I want in my writing is what my father wanted. My own fan club. Affirmation and attention. Especially from his wife. Tragic.

I also want to interact with people who are interested in ideas and particularly my ideas. To discuss and improve them with well informed peers. I want to understand how Systems work and have fun applying what I am learning.

I want my ideas to be co-dependently helpful to transform and change people’s lives for the better, starting with me. To solve problems and thereby gather affirmation and attention for how helpful, brilliant and beneficial I am. Another word for that is worship. Ego, well fed.

You marry your unfinished business. So obviously I’m going through this myself. I’m still seeking my mother’s love in a strange situation.

At the heart of my resistance to movement forward is the feeling then I will not get a fan club and especially that my wife will not love me more because of what I write. Or to put it another way, my mother will not love me; my drawing will not go up on the fridge.

THIS IS THE RESISTANCE … How do I overcome this?

Chariots of Fire: Liddell responds, “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

I Feel God’s Pleasure When I… March 17, 2014 By Eric Geiger https://ericgeiger.com/2014/03/i-feel-gods-pleasure-when-i-blank/

In the movie you see a clear contrast between Liddell and Abrahams. They both run. But they run for very different reasons.

In one scene Abrahams says, “And now in one hour’s time I will be out there again. I will raise my eyes and look down that corridor, 4 feet wide, with 10 lonely seconds to justify my whole existence. But will I?”

In a different scene Liddell says, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

Tim Keller, in comparing the two runners as depicted in the movie, states: “Harold Abrahams was weary even when he rested, and Eric Liddell was rested even when he was exerting himself. Why? Because there’s a work underneath our work that we really need rest from. It’s the work of self-justification.” *

Abrahams seeks satisfaction and joy in the race, and it always eludes him. Liddell finds satisfaction in Christ and experiences His joy as he runs.

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What is the mental model of CHURCH Routines?

CHURCH Routines

Morning Office Startup Routine
Start computer
Sync Jump Drive
Load Chrome, other Apps
Check in with staff
Review FB for birthdays
Review and process Q12 email
Pomodoro 1: Devotions

Daily Plan
Morning Office Startup Routine
Pray my circles.
PA 8 contacts.
Inform FB Posts made
Inspire Devotional FB Post made

Prepared before meetings.
Meeting prep?

Systems@Flywheel & Flow
Run TO Subroutine
Run PA Subroutine

Natural planning model:
Defining purpose and principles

Outcome visioning



Identifying next actions

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1. Consistent daily devotions. What are the parts of the consistent quiet time?
Commitment prayer
Quiet (listening room)
Bible input
(Question Process)
Journaling output

2. Consistent conversation and participation in the words of Jesus. What did Jesus say and do? SOW Questions.

3. The discipleship pathway of a pastor.
The Four Cornered Room (and The Purpose Driven Life).

Your fellowship (connecting to colleagues)
Bishop Hodapp: make friends with pastors
“The Young and the Restless” clergy group.

Your interest and learning (study, Wesley)

Your service (volunteer in denomination and local community),

Your disciple-making (mentor)

4. Repentance and the daily examen.

5. Sabbath and Family.
Hide in tent. Weekly sabbath.
Daily rest. Forster Five.

6. You will need therapy.
Maintain your own health.
Isolation builds dysfunction.
Bibliotherapy … read to learn about your stuff
Self help … 12 step type groups paradigm.
Going for counseling: after learning as best you can and doing as best you can to solve your own problems, if the problem is ongoing you need help from someone else and ought to get it. See a professional. It is a sin against yourself to sink deeper into a problem that you could solve if you were brave enough to ask for help.

Codependency and ministry. Crucifix: carry your own cross, not the cross of Jesus. Don’t be the victim and don’t maintain your own drama triangle.
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What is the CHURCH TO Subroutine?

TO Subroutine … Daily Review.
Review day
Sort Todoist priority tasks Q1234
Any priorities need elevating?
Follow 2 minute rule during the review.
Select Forster five tasks.

Make appointments for Q12 on Todoist
Set remainder time for Q34.

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“What’s the ONE Thing I can do / such that by doing it / everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Pastoral care



To Do List – my tasks

Organization – working through others

Reading – information coming into the system.

Weekly Principles:
Personal touch preferred … the more the better.
Q1 = Monday or Today
Q2 = Wednesday or this week
Q3 = Thursday or Remainder
Q4 = Friday or Someday Maybe

Weekly Routines
Q1 Monday
Focus on Big Rocks
Hospital Calls
Prayer Family contacts (Audit)

Tuesday – Creative Sabbath

Q2 + higher Wednesday
GTD Weekly Review
Bible Study prep

Q3 + higher Thursday
Hospital & Nursing Home calls

Q4 + higher Friday
Update mileage calendar
Prayer Family letters for next week (Audit)
Closure – cleaning up. GET CLEAR.

Sermon Saturday

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What is the mental model of the GTD/NPM?



GTD – the Natural Planning Model

Step 1: Defining Purpose and Principles
This was a fun one. I got out a blank sheet of paper and wrote at the top: “If I were to feel thrilled about my life each day, what would it look like?” I know this list could go on and on, but I tried to keep it simple, basically entailing things like having a healthy, clean environment, building strong relationships, spending my time on meaningful projects (that can only be done by me–delegating everything else), nurturing my mind, body, and spirit, and living a life filled with purpose.

Step 2: Outcome Visioning
As I looked over the list from Step 1, I started envisioning how this “new life” would be (and how it would not be) … Really seeing these things is empowering.

Step 3: Brainstorming
With this vision fresh on my mind, I started seven small mind maps–encapsulating all the actions and characteristics I want to translate into habits.

Step 4: Organizing
Here’s where I took all those principles, dreams, and brainstorms and translated them into a very doable list.

Step 5: Identifying Next Actions
Before placing these four items onto my “Current Projects” List, I identified my Next Actions and put them on my context-based list.

August 19 Reboot:

Tiny Habits:
Anchor: When I …
Behavior: I will …
Celebrate: And celebrate by …

1 Thing options for this area:
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OPW: project. – November

OPW: project. – November

Natural Planning Model: Define Purpose and Principles of the work
Natural Planning Model: Envision the Outcome for the work
Natural Planning Model: Brainstorm
Inventory what I have, adding notes and ideas.
Natural Planning Model: Organize
Natural Planning Model: Identify the Next Actions … Writing Steps
OPW: project. – November
Input: Opw District class summer 2019 orientation to pastoral work
Arrange files in five sections/folders in Scrivener
Develop handout materials for class as a collection of ideas
Import ideas for class into scrivener.
Revise as a series of short segments similar to Robert Townsend’s classic Up the Organization.
Copy segments from the ambidextrous Church blog as individual posts.
Make the book available as a Kindle book.
Series of blog posts.
Up the Organization format in 5 Sections.TASKS:
Blogbooker to ,Docx file format
Insert separators – ####
Import material to scrivener; import with separation between posts
Import additional files, converting to Word first.
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