I’LL STAY WITH YOU July 1996 by Dave Kueker

I’LL STAY WITH YOU July 1996 by Dave Kueker
A Song for Weddings – (tune for verses: Abide with Me)

Walk down the aisle, and you will find me there.
Whenever you smile My heart’s as light as air.
With all the world’s sad sorrow, it doesn’t seem quite fair
That today, and every tomorrow,
We will always care.

As the preacher asks the question, I hear you say “I will”
Two little words that give me such a thrill.
They bring a warmth into life’s cold lonely chill.
I love you today,
Just as I always will.

I’ll love you still — “I will!”
No matter what the years bring.
I’ll stay with you — “I do!”
My heart will always sing.
Through the laughter and tears,
Our love will last for years…
I’ll love you still.

Then comes the ring, and the words “I thee wed”
I swear by my life I will love you till I’m dead.
And then by the mercy of a God who’s always fair,
If I live in heaven, I will love you there.


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