What is the Problems List: CHURCH?

Problems List: CHURCH.

Pastors false, problems, UDEs and symptoms.
Name impaired, doesn’t know the people by sight.
No pastoral care tracking system.
No interpersonal sales commitment encouraging system, no pattern for asking people for commitment.
Doing the minimum, cashing the paycheck.
Grandiose vision with no local incarnation.
Defensive, touchy, emotionally reactive.
Writing robs focus on energy from the local church.
External Ministry Focus robs energy from the local church.
District stuff can overwhelm.
Conference stuff can overwhelm.
Problems of the world and the United Methodist Church can overwhelm.
Dunbar’s number, my number of connections are limited.
Sermons are too long.
Sermons meet Pastor needs, not congregations needs.
No systems in place to listen to people, no systematic feedback.
Lay leadership lethargy increasing, which is lay underfunctioning.
Pastor overfunctioning and codependency causes underfunctioning.
Lady are not following the pastor, desiring interaction.
There is dwindling Lay curiosity.

Church problems.
Dwindling membership and attendance.
Dwindling activity outside of worship.
Dwindling lay excitement in church – energy focused elsewhere.
We have a small pool to fish in.
We have excellent competition for new people.
Our small church is aging out.

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