1. Consistent daily devotions. What are the parts of the consistent quiet time?
Commitment prayer
Quiet (listening room)
Bible input
(Question Process)
Journaling output

2. Consistent conversation and participation in the words of Jesus. What did Jesus say and do? SOW Questions.

3. The discipleship pathway of a pastor.
The Four Cornered Room (and The Purpose Driven Life).

Your fellowship (connecting to colleagues)
Bishop Hodapp: make friends with pastors
“The Young and the Restless” clergy group.

Your interest and learning (study, Wesley)

Your service (volunteer in denomination and local community),

Your disciple-making (mentor)

4. Repentance and the daily examen.

5. Sabbath and Family.
Hide in tent. Weekly sabbath.
Daily rest. Forster Five.

6. You will need therapy.
Maintain your own health.
Isolation builds dysfunction.
Bibliotherapy … read to learn about your stuff
Self help … 12 step type groups paradigm.
Going for counseling: after learning as best you can and doing as best you can to solve your own problems, if the problem is ongoing you need help from someone else and ought to get it. See a professional. It is a sin against yourself to sink deeper into a problem that you could solve if you were brave enough to ask for help.

Codependency and ministry. Crucifix: carry your own cross, not the cross of Jesus. Don’t be the victim and don’t maintain your own drama triangle.
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