What is Listening prayer 5.6-7.20?

Listening prayer 5.6-7.20.

Check list for people to contact. Prayer tool.

List of mentee people to contact.

Places: Jesus was in Mary and Martha’s home multiple times, but that was secondary, a consequence to the relationship.

Books I buy need to be read within 30 days. No more purchase without purpose.

No more FB Corrections. Too much time on Facebook addressing fake news.

PA phoned, visited, meetings, studies

1 sermon with slides, preached, transcribed, posted, emailed and mailed.
FB Devotions and Promotions

To Do list, organize/equip the saints

ED – making disciples

——————— Friday 5/8/20

What I want in my writing is what my father wanted. My own fan club. Affirmation and attention. Especially from his wife. Tragic.

I also want to interact with people who are interested in ideas and particularly my ideas. To discuss and improve them with well informed peers. I want to understand how Systems work and have fun applying what I am learning.

I want my ideas to be co-dependently helpful to transform and change people’s lives for the better, starting with me. To solve problems and thereby gather affirmation and attention for how helpful, brilliant and beneficial I am. Another word for that is worship. Ego, well fed.

You marry your unfinished business. So obviously I’m going through this myself. I’m still seeking my mother’s love in a strange situation.

At the heart of my resistance to movement forward is the feeling then I will not get a fan club and especially that my wife will not love me more because of what I write. Or to put it another way, my mother will not love me; my drawing will not go up on the fridge.

THIS IS THE RESISTANCE … How do I overcome this?

Chariots of Fire: Liddell responds, “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

I Feel God’s Pleasure When I… March 17, 2014 By Eric Geiger https://ericgeiger.com/2014/03/i-feel-gods-pleasure-when-i-blank/

In the movie you see a clear contrast between Liddell and Abrahams. They both run. But they run for very different reasons.

In one scene Abrahams says, “And now in one hour’s time I will be out there again. I will raise my eyes and look down that corridor, 4 feet wide, with 10 lonely seconds to justify my whole existence. But will I?”

In a different scene Liddell says, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

Tim Keller, in comparing the two runners as depicted in the movie, states: “Harold Abrahams was weary even when he rested, and Eric Liddell was rested even when he was exerting himself. Why? Because there’s a work underneath our work that we really need rest from. It’s the work of self-justification.” *

Abrahams seeks satisfaction and joy in the race, and it always eludes him. Liddell finds satisfaction in Christ and experiences His joy as he runs.

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