What is the CHURCH Process System?

CHURCH Process System

Run Morning Office Routine
Run TO Subroutine
Run S..R Subroutine
Run PA Subroutine
Run Remainder Subroutine


Run TO Subroutine
TO Subroutine … Daily Review.
Review day
Prepared before meetings.
Meeting prep?
Sort Todoist priority tasks Q1234
Any priorities need elevating?
Follow 2 minute rule during the review.
Select Forster five tasks.

Make appointments for Q12 on Todoist
Set remainder time for Q34.


Run S..R Subroutine
CHURCH: S..R Routine
Inform FB Posts made
Inspire Devotional FB Post made
Sermon <20 minutes ... aim for 15.
Extended sermon on blog.
Identify series theme, Topic and text.
Copy scriptures to a document.
Copy series information to dated template blog posts.
Identify need problem and solution.
Select hymns and notify Vervadene, Kim and Gerri the Wednesday before by email.
Put in final form the Saturday before.
Note links, sources in unused slides.
Final review.
Preach and record twice.
Transfer recordings to Dropbox.
Make a sermon PDF file.
Edit sound recordings.
Upload to Google Drive.
Place links in blog post.
Announce on Facebook
Upload recording for transcription.
Process transcription.
Edit transcription.
Add transcription to the blog.
Announce on Facebook
Move additional material to draft blog posts.
Edit and publish.
Move hymns to blog posts.
Devotional comments on the theology.
Find YouTube recording.
Publish on Facebook.
(Songs each weekday.)
On Friday:
Publish on the blog as a devotional piece every devotional and informative Facebook post since the previous Friday related to local church life.


Run PA Subroutine
PA Subroutine
Open Evernote PA Notebook
(Use Onenote instead?)
Pray for Neighborhoods

Identify “P” crisis families
Pray & Update Prayer Notes/tag/circles
Make prayer calls; update notes
Add deferred contacts to Todoist schedule.

First knowledge: add task to People project Todoist

Pray & Update Attention List
Mark attendance participation
Update contact information
Correspondence (phone calls preferred)

The “keeping in touch” part of the job.
“No church member left behind” … be aware.


Run Remainder Subroutine

Run Morning Office Routine
Morning Office Startup Routine
Start computer
Sync Jump Drive
Load Chrome, other Apps
Check in with staff
Review FB for birthdays
Review and process Q12 email
Pomodoro 1: Devotions

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