What are your Brave Dreams for your Church?

Brave Dreams: Church

What would I choose to do if I was not afraid and anything was possible?

Conversions cascade and disciple making
… quality system built on my DM research
(Stewardship of what I’ve already done.)
… quality PA.S.TO.R System
… new system build on sales research.
“Laity are excited about what is happening in their church.”
AmChurch blog = commonplace notebook
KwChurch blog = commonplace notebook

BHAG 175 avg attendance. Then G12BC.
… commands of Jesus followed.
– I am more committed to God’s will being done than achieving my image of perfection … I yield to God. If God is satisfied, I am satisfied. It’s not about me.
– If the growth of the church became overwhelming (a possible source of fear), I would use cell principles and farm the work out to the body of Christ as my partners in ministry. If churches multiplied beyond a dozen, I would function connectionally, more like a District Superintendent. If growth was beyond thousands, I would function as a large cell church senior pastor with cells linked in districts, prayer services, Prayer Mountain retreat center, and G12, G12-BC or 5×5 networks of rising leaders. I believe that I am ready to do God’s will without fear.

HEALTH … Physical
Excellent physical health … BHAG
… BS<150, Weight <250, diabetes reversed
… manufacturing my own testosterone
… physical strength, muscle, flexibility
… pain free and infection free
… able to walk 4 miles in an hour w/o trouble
… all the sleep I need each night
… REM & deep sleep in normal benchmarks
RD blog = commonplace notebook. How.
– I am committed to feeling younger.
– If I am overwhelmed, I am able to hire medical professionals and a personal trainer(s) to help me achieve these goals.

BHAG … I am reversing my aging process, gaining the health of a man half my age.

ARCHITECT OF IDEAS- Creative Writing
Strengthsfinder Learner/Input indulged =
… all blogs are commonplace notebooks
… only write what is pull goals … QNQS
… develop into project/products only in response to viral interest or commercial editorial interest … i.e. in entrepreneurial response to clear market demand. My own personal creative needs are sufficiently met by posting.
Online availability meets Matthew 25 goals.

BHAG … $100,000+ income flow for charity.
– I am committed to responding productively to the Marketplace, but not overdoing it.
– If the market demand is bigger than I can fulfill (a possible source of fear), I can hire writers and editors to assume the workload and bless the economy of my neighbors and neighborhood.

MARRIAGE- MRS, Emotional Wellness
Hot Monogamy: happening in real life
… better than anything I can read. (BHAG)
My ancient emotional deficits filled & whole.
… infatuation, mother’s love adoration
… learn about fun, play, friendship
RD blog = commonplace notebook
– I am committed to my wife and increasing our satisfaction with life … more love, joy and peace for us both. More romance & sex.
– I live a balanced life free from drama.
– I am committed to Sabbath (but need to learn how to implement it in my life.)

BHAG – ?

RD blog = commonplace notebook
Quality SHALOM System. Flywheel life.
– I am committed to increasing my productivity to run smoothly, being effortlessly effective and efficient. Flywheel.
– I am committed to more and better results at less personal cost. Smooth running.
– I am committed to reducing crisis, stress and drama in my daily life.
– I am committed to reducing codependency, rescuing and overfunctioning in my daily life.

– I am committed to reducing my personal work by working through others whom I supervise.
– I love the idea of providing jobs and salaries for many people. As cash flow increased (a possible source of fear), I would start a foundation to bless my neighbors. As cash flow increased, I would buy a bank and help fund new businesses. No amount of money would overwhelm my life, even billions of dollars, as it would immediately flow from me into other productive and profitable endeavors to bless my community.

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