OPW#1.03a How can I get my chaos under our control?

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QUOTE The river of information flowing toward us – about people, about God, and about all we have to do as pastors continually threatens to overwhelm us. Three things help us to get our chaos under our control … the first

I. David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) Set up a system to track everything that holds our attention, store it in a sequence of buckets where we can park ideas and tasks, and then systematically monitoring that system. In GTD there are 8 buckets to park things we have to do.

Multitasking is an illusion; what we actually do is shift our attention from one task to another, reorganize ourselves to do a bit of that task, and then shift again. A great deal of time is wasted in the disorganization. GTD encourages batching, which it calls “context” – organize all your phone calls so that you can do them one after another. Organize your emails so that you can do them one after another. By decreasing the amount of time you  need to reorganize and refocus when shifting from one sort of task to another, you can save a lot of tme and get a lot of work done in less time.

Here’s what that organizing process looks like – we take one item into our hand, ask several focusing questions, and then put that item down where it belongs, organized into its place in our personal organizing system, ready to be taken up later. When we are in organizing mode, we want to stay in organizing mode. 


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