SHALOM Analysis 7/30/20.

SHALOM Analysis 7/30/20.

Productivity Steward: Organize w/Questions

/Shalom Review:
P1.S Problems clear?

P2.H Opportunities clear?

P3.A Goals clear? (Self-Actualization)

P4.L Love flows?
Kim: PTSD related to COVID exposure.
Kim: Strong Sabbath request. Criteria?

P5.O What do I not know?
What would I know if I restricted my incoming information to books and away from internet flotsam?

P6.M Turbulence in Systems Flow?

P7 Morning Clean Routine
P8 Evening Clean Routine
P9 Monthly Investments Routine
Church: contact all active families this week.

Health: fast 3x week, 24 or 36 hours, no artificial sweeteners. MWF or dice?

AoI/CS: Process what I learn into written strategies and post.

MRS: Test for Interest, Walk through Open Doors; or Detach. Enjoy Dessert.

Productivity: SHALOM my Systems.
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