Another fun thing is to do “secret pals” – link an older woman from the United Methodist Women with a young woman new to the church or a regular visitor. The pastor provides some biographical information to each of the older women.
The older women drop off a card/note at a certain place each Sunday morning from Ash Wednesday to Mother’s Day. Just an observation – “the way you fixed your daughter’s hair last Sunday was so beautiful” or “I loved to roller skate when I was a child. Did you?” 
Sometimes a small gag gift – a cake mix box (wrapped) for a woman whose birthday is coming up, for example. (Expensive gifts ruin it – it needs to be little so that “it’s the thought that counts.”)
Prior to the church service, the pastor delivers the cards/gifts. Everyone is fascinated with who you are going to bring that card to …
When it works, the young women address notes to “(My name)’s Secret Pal” and secret pals can pick these up in the church office later.
On Mother’s Day the young women and their secret pals come forward after worship to the altar and their secret pals introduce themselves.
When first tried in 1989 this built some wonderful, long-lasting relationships between the generations and got some young women involved in UMW.
Many of the younger women live great distances from their mothers and grandmothers, so the developing relationships can be very meaningful.
*Reflection Question 5.56: Would this work in your church? Why or why not?*Reflection Question 5.57: Who would you select in your congregation and be their secret pal?

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