OPW#1.37 How do I use the Book of Discipline?

Textbook: Book of Discipline

A free, PDF Version of the Book of Discipline can be found here:


Note: The basic unit in The Book of Discipline is the paragraph (¶) rather than page, chapter, or section. The paragraphs are numbered consecutively within each chapter or section, but many numbers are skipped between parts, chapters, and sections in order to allow for future enactments and to fit with the following plan:

1– 99 The Constitution
101– 199 Doctrine, Doctrinal Statements, General Rules,
The Ministry of All Christians, and Social Principles

201– 299 The Local Church

301– 399 The Ministry of the Ordained
401– 499 The Superintendency
501– 699 The Conferences

701– 2499 Administrative Order
2501–2599 Church Property
2601–2799 Judicial Administration




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