OPW#1.34 How do I use yhe PA.S.TO.R Template?

OPW#1.34 The PA.S.TO.R Template

PASTOR (work balance): Pastoral care, Attention, Sermon, Tasks, Organization, Reading
P – Pastoral care – Who is in crisis? What do they need?
A – Attention – Who needs a little bit of attention this week from the pastor?

S – What does God desire in my preaching this week? In my teaching?

T – Task – what do I as an individual need to do this week? (Me)
O- Organization – As the administrative leader of our church organization, how do I equip, encourage and oversee what we do in teams or committees as a church? (We)

R – What am I reading in order to support my ministry, preaching and teaching?

Landscape brainstorming pages … fold page into three columns:
P………A……..S =Q1
T………O……..R =Q2





Please review the page How and Why We Use Quotes.-
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