OPW#1.05 How do I Step 1: CAPTURE all of our “stuff” – Bucket #1: Inbox (Red Tub)?

QUOTE: Step 1: CAPTURE all of our “stuff” – Bucket #1: Inbox (Red Tub)

Task #1. 1. CAPTURE all of our “stuff” – Inbox (Red Tub)

I. David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) Set up a system to track everything that holds our attention, store it in a sequence of buckets where we can park ideas and tasks, and then systematically monitoring that system. In GTD there are 8 buckets to park things we have to do. Each time we take a single item into our hands to organize it, we will be putting it down into one of those 8 types of buckets. 

If you wish, you can subdivide the 8 types of buckets into more places to store work that is ready to be done. But the first step remains the same – get something as large as you need and gather EVERYTHING into that one starter bucket.

This is called your INBOX … and you want as few as possible. Typically you will have one inbox at home, one at the office, and one for your email. PUT EVERYTHING INTO YOUR INBOX. At the office I use a red plastic dishtub … easy to find, easy to carry from one place to another.

Just keep gathering all of your stuff together, all of the puzzle pieces. Don’t attempt to sort them out – just gather them together. When your inbox is full, use another box for overflow. Get a laundry basket, a wheelbarrow, a (clean) garbage can, a dumpster – but gather it up YOUR STUFF from EVERYWHERE in the place where you are working. 

If other people have piles of stuff in your work area, ask them to move it out, or move it for them.

And what is the outcome of this endeavor?

  1.  All the pieces to your puzzle are now in one place – you don’t need to hunt for them. Nothing is missing. 
  2. Every other surface is free from anything that would distract you. You are now able to focus on getting your work done without distraction. 

REVIEW QUIZ #1: We create a system to organize our work by … choosing an inbox.

Why does that help us to stay focused?
What do you use for an inbox?

Mine is this big red tub, sitting on a shelf in my office. It’s easy to tell and train folks to “put that in my red tub, please.”

The trays next to it are labeled “Kim Home Bin” for things to take home, “Wesley” for things to transport to the other church on the charge, and “File” for items that are done and ready to be put away. People put things into them also … like my secretary and treasurer.




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