“The music director reports to the chairperson of the SPRC … and works with the pastor…”

As we have been doing job descriptions, the music director asked us to change “The music director reports to the chair person of the SPRC and works under and with the pastor” (this is at least 14 years old) to say: “”The music director reports to the chairperson of the SPRC as outlined in the Discipline of the United Methodist Church and works with the pastor”….
I cannot find anywhere it says that in the BOD. I see in the
Guidelines for leading your congregation it says “As the number of staff people increases, be clear about who reports to whom. The senior pastor provides day to day supervision of staff. In a large church, the senior pastor may delegate supervision to the head….”
We are a church of 50-75 in attendance with 3 staff….
anyone want to share wording? or BOD points i may be missing?


Yes, but … The choir department in former times has the well-deserved nickname of “The War Department.”
Your choir director is serving you notice of future conflict.The big question is why there is potential for conflict.
If this is news to you, you may want to inquire about past conflicts as to whether there are wounds to heal, apologies to be made or past disrespect paid to the choir director.
The choir director wants power over the music – his/her territory – and to remove a veto from you. So – is this person a good person to trust or a prima donna?
What fraction of your salary is the salary of the choir director? If it is very low, perhaps this person is doing the work out of love for serving. If they are almost volunteering, perhaps turn them loose. If this is about a power base and a high salary, pray over it.
Do you want to control what hymns and anthems are selected, or are you happy to delegate that responsibility to the choir director? How laissez-faire are you about sharing decisions? Is worship planning cooperative (1 Corinthians 14:26) or where you have specific preferences and/or want to exercise strong leadership?
Is there a conflict over worship styles and music forms – classical vs old-time gospel vs contemporary Christian music?
What’s your tenure with the congregation? The longer you’ve been present the more influence you have. Same for the choir director.
And, as this could be the gathering storm clouds that follow the end of the honeymoon at 18-24 months, you might discuss this with your DS. You might prefer to move rather than engage in a long conflict.

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