What is the EZRA local church year-end annual report?

EZRA 2019 local church year-end annual report

The online tool for all local churches to submit their year-end statistical reports is now open.

Visit www.igrc.org and click on “EZRA Report Login” at the top of the page to begin; or you may login directly at http://ezra.gcfa.org/. Your church username is the six-digit number assigned to your church by GCFA; this number is on apportionment remittance reports in the upper right corner. The initial password is: password; all prior passwords have been reset.

The deadline for reporting is February 28, 2020. If a church has not reported by the deadline, the report information from 2018, with a 10 percent increase, will be used for the 2019 EZRA Table II report that determines 2021 apportionments.

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