Orientation to Pastoral Work, Class #5 of 5: Session 5 – Links to handouts.

These blog posts attempt to provide a practical, helpful orientation to pastoral work in the Kaskaskia River District, Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist church for persons beginning their ministry, particularly laypersons supplying smaller churches. Like all free advice, they are intended to begin a conversation, should be prayed over carefully and thoughtfully applied after thinking them through.

Links to handouts for Session #5 of the Orientation to Pastoral Work class.

OPW5 Class #5 – Main handout

OPW5 Class #5 –  Daily Devotions – Quiet Time: The 4S Method

OPW5 Class #5 –  Try the Daily Examen by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ

OPW5 Class #5 –  The Four Cornered Room Discipleship Pathway

OPW5 Class #5 –  The “J.U.M.P. Group” Discipleship Pathway


Links to Handouts:

Level: First Draft. Last revision: 11/26/2019.
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