Orientation to Pastoral Work, Class #3 of 5: Preaching and Reading

Class #3. S … R Preaching and Reading (September)
Monroe’s Mountain: A System for Exegesis and Sermon Preparation.
The weekly message flows out of the pastor’s devotional interaction with God’s word each week.

Download portions of the Monroe’s Mountain Powerpoint presentation as a PDF:

MONROE’S MOUNTAIN: Delivering The Sermon

MONROE’S MOUNTAIN: Writing The Sermon

MONROE’S MOUNTAIN: Combined Powerpoint file as a PDF.

Handout: Monroe’s Mountain sermon writing worksheets.

MONROE’S MOUNTAIN: Using Powerpoint Slides in a Sermon

Article/handout: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence by Ron St. John (PDF)

Article: Monroe’s motivated sequence … From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Application: Organizing for Worship
– The Purpose and Goals of worship. (What does God desire?)
– Connecting with the laity in worship. (Emotionally satisfying worship)
– Including the laity in worship. (Indigenous Worship and respecting local customs)
– Exorcising the details: Lectionary or series preaching, sermon length, outline or manuscript, using PowerPoint slides, music (traditional, blended or contemporary), liturgy, copyrights/CCLI, holy communion, etc.

Outcome: within one month, when requested, you will be able to explain your personal sermon preparation system to your DS or mentor, and show your written work in exegesis and sermon writing.


Handout: Monroe’s Mountain worksheets.

Textbooks: Book of Discipline and Pastoral Expectations (IGRC booklet)

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