OPW#1.15 C. How can I use PARKING TRAYS? – put it in a place and be done with it until you need it.

QUOTE – Further Sorting the pile of things to do:

C. PARKING TRAYS – put it in a place and be done with it until you need it. 4 trays for the 4 Quadrants – Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.
Plus trays for Waiting For, Someday Maybe, To Be Read, Wesley UMC, Home, Wife, Secretary.
Projects are kept together in manila folders, older papers clipped together.
Active Committee files are another color – green – in order to rapidly sort papers. These files are kept in a wire tiered file sorter so that each one is visible.

REVIEW QUIZ #3: We create a system to organize our work by … creating places to park things until they are needed. GTD calls them buckets … I use trays. The key rule for a parking place is to facilitate single handling … you must be able to instantly drop an item into its parking place from where you are sitting … or you’ll procrastinate.

The second category of parking places are those where we put things that require some action, but we’re not going to take that action right now.

So I have trays for things to do – four of them:

Q1 – Urgent and Important (Monday)

Q2 – Not Urgent but Important (Wednesday)

Q3 – Urgent but Not Important (Thursday)

Q4 – Neither Urgent nor Important (Friday)

On Monday I try to focus on the Q1 tasks and procrastinate on the rest. On Wednesday I add the Q2 tasks to the daily pile, and procrastinate on the Thursday and Friday tasks. This helps me focus on what is important first. One little trick – I have file folders in each Q1-Q4 tray, and I put stuff in the folder when I go through what is in the tray. This makes the new stuff, laying on top of the folder, very visible.

I also have other trays in the first column for “Waiting For” – this means that I can’t act until someone gets back to me. When they call I can instantly find what I need.

The top tray on the first column of trays is my secretary’s inbox – anything that I want her to take. When I put it there it is off of my mind.

The second column of trays are parking places for district and conference committees and boards I serve on, our Emmaus Board, etc. This gathers all of the relevant material together in one easy to reach place for when I want to deal with it.

How do you organize the tasks you need to do so that they are easy to find?

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