OPW#1.10a Done at a specific time? Yes – park it in your Calendar. 

QUOTE Yes, there is something that needs to be done with this ————————————–

Does it need to be done at a specific time?
Yes – park it in your Calendar.  (List it – entirely if possible)
No – part it on a Next Actions list of things to do as soon as possible.

Time constraints

In GTD the calendar only holds items which have times which are set. They are not hopeful starting times, or time to work on a particular task. They are appointments, and typically non-negotiable.

All work in GTD waits in readiness to be done as soon as possible … so there are no calendar dates set which would postpone getting things done. Work is not put off to a later time.

What if you are caught without time to finish a particular task before a deadline? Your weekly  review, plus your frequent looking over your own lists is supposed to keep the urgency of a project in sight.

This approach to tasks should really open up a person’s working schedule and provide large blocks of time to do those deadline tasks in advance of deadlines. Procrastination and avoidance are probably more likely to cause a deadline to be missed than the massive confusion that would come from trying to schedule many tasks.


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