OPW#1.08b Is it a part of a larger project?

QUOTE Yes, there is something that needs to be done with this ————————————–
What’s the next action? Will it take 2 minutes to finish it?
No: Continue organizing to do it later – Planning is different than Doing.

Is it a part of a larger project – i.e. a sequence of related steps with a common objective?
Yes: Add it to a Project list for review.

(Some projects are repeatable = recipes.)

REVIEW QUIZ #4: Projects. In GTD, projects are tasks that are part of a larger task. I use folders for this purpose, which allows me to see these papers only when I’m working on that project. And if I have a meeting, I have everything with me when I bring the folder.

Green folders are primarily for upcoming church committee meetings. I ran out of green, so now I also have Blue.

Again, the purpose is to get distracting material out of my sight until I want to work on it, yet always be able to instantly find it. Some people would call these “active files.”

I could keep these files in a file drawer near my desk, but opening the drawer is less convenient than just dropping them in the file … and requires several motions of my hand.





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