What are the types of assignments to congregations?

People are assigned to serve within the United Methodist Church by a bishop working through district superintendents. This is a connection between you and your place of service. There are a variety of types of connections between servants and congregations.

Church members support their congregations with vows of prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

Laity in the UMC are called to be missional and called to fulfill the Great Commission. What does this mean?

Local Church lay servants are trained to serve in their local congregation.

Certified Lay Servants are trained to serve both in their local congregations and others nearby.

Supply -a lay servant may be assigned to provide some sort of pastoral work to a specific congregation on a short term basis.

A Lay Speaker has special training and is useful to serve in an ongoing capacity in a local church when assigned by a Superintendent on a short term basis.

A Certified Lay Minister (CLM) has ?? hours of training and can be assigned long term to serve a particular congregation as a part of a cooperating committee.

Other forms of lay ministry include … BoD

After going through a process of candidacy, District Committees on Ministrry approve certified candidates to begin training and attend the School for License as a Local Pastor. This school …

Local pastors are appointed by their Superintendent to provide service to a Charge, which may be one church or a partnership of several churches. Local pastors can provide sacramental services to people within their appointed parish, including baptism, the Lord’s supper, receiving a person as a church member and marrying a couple as provided for in the Book of Discipline. If a local pastor is not under appointment, they return to lay status until they are reappointed.

Local pastors continue their education through the course of study and can become Associate Members of their Annual Conference.

Deacons …

Provisional Elders …

Elders …





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These blog posts attempt to provide a practical, helpful orientation to pastoral work in the United Methodist church for persons beginning their ministry, particularly laypersons supplying smaller churches. Like all free advice, they are intended to begin a conversation, should be prayed over carefully and thoughtfully applied after thinking them through.

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