Unit 4.9 Fundamental Cell System Principles 1-4


Joel Comiskey identifies sixteen principles “fundamental to developing a strong cell system” (RH 46-56). Chapters in Reap The Harvest expand on each principle. These principles provide a good summary of the second wave of cell innovation.

1. Dependence on Jesus Christ Through Prayer.  Prayer is not just talked about but consistently practiced. ICM pastor Cesar Castellanos declares, ACopying our system without the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer is like buying a car without a motor.@

2. Motivation for Ministry Is Evangelism and Church Growth. In South America, the Elim Church in El Salvador used the Yoido cell management structure, known as the 5×5 model, to build a church of 130,000 members in 1999. Note the fivefold purpose of the Elim Church memorized by every member:

1. I have a purpose.

2. My purpose is winning souls.

3. I fulfill my purpose best in a group.

4. I will never be satisfied until I fulfill my purpose.

5. I have no promise of tomorrow. (CC: 53)

These churches made plans to conquer cities for Christ … and their cell system makes this possible. The central focus of the cell is always evangelism and multiplication.

3. Multiplication Is the Goal of Each Cell Group. ACells in the churches I studied were expected to multiply over and over, using the ever expanding web of members= relationships. Sixty percent of the 700 leaders who answered my survey had multiplied at least once@ (RH: 49).

4. Designed for Reproducible Quality Control. Quality Control means that all cell groups maintain similar components or characteristics (RH: 49). Standardization brings consistent quality, and allows franchises like McDonald=s to train inexperienced high school students to consistently excellent performance.

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RH: Joel Comiskey, Reap the Harvest: How A Small Group System Can Grow Your Church (Houston, TX: Touch Publications, 1999)

CC: Larry Stockstill, The Cell Church: Preparing Your Church for the Coming Harvest (Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1998)

The quote is from Major League Disciple Making: An Overview of the Best Research on the Cell Church, an online course developed for the Institute for Discipleship at www.BeADisciple.com in 2009. Course materials, including these lectures, can be downloaded here: http://www.disciplewalk.com/IFD_MLD_Class_Links.html

All Scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1946, 1952, and 1971 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Please review the page How and Why We Use Quotes.

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