Yoido Church is not a program base design church.

Yoido Church is not a program base design church.[1] The entire church participates in the fourfold ministry pattern of worship, prayer meeting, ministry visitation and cell on weekdays; other ministries are large in number by Western standards but are a minuscule fraction of the total membership at Yoido Church. Fifteen hundred persons participate in twelve adult choirs; each sings in one service a week.[2] Yoido runs a Sunday school with twenty thousand children in attendance, but this is statistically insignificant compared to the 253,000 present at worship.[3]

Children’s cell groups minister to more children on their home turf: An estimated 70% of the more than twenty-five thousand children involved in these groups come from homes where the parents are not believers. These groups form one of the most evangelistic outreaches of the church. The children themselves do most of the outreach, bringing friends to the teacher’s neighborhood home to hear about Jesus.[4]

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